Summer in Alaska.

April 18, 2014 - 5:30am


Being born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, I was never far from the mountains. I grew up with both of my parents working at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, which quickly became my second home. Skiing in the winter and hiking in the canyons during the summers at an early age. Skiing soon became my passion and it consumed my mind at all times. During high school I joined the Snowbird Freeski Team and the Junior Freeride Tour, competing all over North America. I even graduated high school at Thanksgiving of my senior year, just to be able to ski everyday for that season.

As college came around I wanted a new adventure but knew that I needed the mountains close by, so I headed up to Bozeman, Montana to attend University. I feel in love with Montana's wide open spaces, laid back vibes, and killer mountains. I got into climbing, backcountry skiing, multi day backpacks, and trail running. I realized I wanted to help protect this Earth in some way and keep the good times happening in wilderness places, so I declared my major as Environmental Studies. My Junior year I decided to take a break from Bozeman and headed down South to Adelaide, Australia to study abroad. After barely studying, being a beach bum, and surfing way too much for my own good, I headed back to Salt Lake for a winter on the slopes. That spring I took a field course through Wild Rockies Field Institute in the Four Corners region. While backpacking through slot canyons, river rafting, staying on Indian Reservations, and learning valuable outdoor skills, I also managed to get twelve upper division credits for college. It was one of the most detailed and comprehensive semesters I have ever had for learning. 

I headed back to Bozeman for another year and a half to finsish up school (the 5 year plan). Last summer I headed up to Cooper Landing to be a cook at a tiny little restuarant and see what Alaska was all about. I was lucky enough to have a good friend, who I drove up with, be working for Exit Glacier. He introduced me to the crew at the begining of the summer and got to go on some rad adventures with most of the crew. I graduated this December with the plans of heading to Chamonix, France to live with my parents for the winter. Two weeks into the winter over here, I had a freak accident skiing and broke both of my ankles. It has been the toughest winter of my life, being right where you want to be with your skiing, your fitness, and your skills, and have all of that taken away from you so quickly. Sitting in a wheelchair for two months staring at some of the sickest mountains in the world has been the brought me to my knees. It has been so humbling, but it makes everything in life that much sweeter now, to know it can all be taken away so quickly. I am very grateful that I have healed so quickly and am already back on my skis, climbing and hiking again three months later. I am stoked to be able to learn this summer more about glaciers, climbing, and myself. Its been a tough last three months, but so stoked to be an assitant guide this summer and working with an awsome crew!