The Meticulous Marmot Tackles Tiehacker

June 22, 2013 - 12:39am


Though the summer has been incredibly busy here at EGG, we make sure to go hiking on our days off as well!  On our last day off, the Meticulous Marmot and I headed out to Tiehacker Mountain.  The last time I went up Tiehacker was three years ago and the Marmot had never been.  So we were both quite excited to reach the summit, and had the perfect weather for it too. 


The Meticulous Marmot got her first real bushwhacking experience when we temporarily lost the main trail, but other than that it route up was easy to find.  We climbed up through the Sitka Spruce forest to the Alder thickets, and then it was lots of snow to the top.  We brought our co-worker's dog, Karate, along as well.  This ended up providing the most entertaining aspect of the whole day… throwing him seemingly endless snowballs to eat since there was no water for him to drink on the mountain!  We also had to keep calling him back from the edges of overhanging cornices, but luckily he never fell through.  Dogs just don't grasp the concept of cornices I think.


The view from the top was excellent and we were lucky able to get a good view in of the Harding Icefield.  From the summit we also looked down on Lost Lake, which of course is still frozen over!  To finish up the day we slipped and slid down the snowfield and I experienced my fastest ever glissade. Not a bad day off and next up is Bear Mountain!